Morning Practices

Morning Journal

I invite you to document your journey as a processing and harvesting tool. This can take any form you’d like, but I recommend you do it first thing in the morning for 10 minutes, using a timer to keep yourself on track. Here are some examples:

  • Free-write stream of consciousness. This means you write whatever comes to mind without editing or self-censoring and don’t stop writing/typing until the timer goes off.
  • Record a voice note or video. This can include talking, of course, but also singing, making noises, dancing, moving, show and tell, etc.

Erotic Activation Breathwork

Sensual Self Portrait

Take a sensual photo or short video of you that captures you in your authenticity, whatever that is in the moment. This could be right after your Erotic Activation Breathwork or self-pleasure practice. It could be after an intense experience or while you’re feeling a raw emotion. This is a practice to help you see the beauty in all of your ways of being, and to feel more comfortable being seen and, perhaps even more edgy, seeing yourself.