Your Unique Erotic Style

Your unique erotic style is a combination of all of these different ways of mapping eroticism.

To conceptualize how all of these maps of eroticism relate to one another, let’s think about your unique erotic style as a work of art. Your preferences of sexual mode influences the kind of work of art you make. Is it a painting that you can lose yourself in admiring? An interactive sculpture that comes to life through the presence of another? Or is it a costume that you can put on that transports you to a different world? Your core erotic theme is the the color palette and textures of the work of art, determining its overall mood. How does it feel to look at your unique work of art? The objects depicted in or comprising the work of art are the people, scenarios, and activities that help you feel your core erotic theme and bring it into the physical plane. What does your work of art include? Your work of art is given life and vibrancy through the pillars of eroticism that enhance the erotic charge through the tension of attraction and obstacle. This might be the interplay of light and shadow in a painting, the inner scaffolding of a sculpture, or the pattern of a costume.