Welcome to Make the Love You Want!

Welcome to Make the Love You Want! You’ve taken a huge and empowering step toward your own wholeness, self-acceptance, and PLEASURE and I’m so excited for you!

When it comes to sex, one size does NOT fit all. We are diverse and complex creatures, influenced by our society, our past experiences, our family, etc. and we all have a unique erotic style. Knowing yours is the key to having the best sex and intimate relationships possible.

Make the Love You Want synthesizes the most up-to-date research on sex, desire, and the body so you don’t have to. With these practices and techniques, you’ll learn more about yourself, effective communication, and sex, making you a better lover while also enhancing your pleasure in the bedroom.

I’m Kelly, a somatic embodiment and intimacy coach, a sacred sexuality practitioner, and a relationship and sexuality expert. I’ll be your guide on this journey. Thank you for being here!

If you have questions or problems, reach out to me at maketheloveyouwant@gmail.com.